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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Lucia
Thriving Artist Blueprint

In this lesson you'll learn all about art styles and how having one can open many doors for you as an artist. But, not all that glitters is gold and the same applies to art styles! You'll learn the most important mistakes artists make when trying to develop their own art style and how to avoid it! You'll learn how art styles come to be and you'll get ready to develop yours! Let's dive in!

In this lesson you'll learn the step by step framework you need to follow to develop your art style from scratch. You'll analyze each style in depth to ensure you choose a winner and that you don't get a nasty surprise down the road if your style isn't easy to sell. Download your inspiration board and start developing your own art style!

When you first start working on your art, it's very hard to stick to just one style. You want to try them all and become really good at all of them! But. That's a trap you need to avoid and not fall for. In this lesson you'll learn why you shouldn't try to master multiple art styles at the same time, especially if you're starting out. Focus your efforts to maximize your results!

​You may be tempted to believe that any program will do. That they're all the same and you'll improve no matter what. But, that's not the case. Choosing the wrong art program for your art style and specific needs can slow your improvement down a lot. In this lesson you'll learn what your program of choice should have to help you draw with ease and improve your skills faster.

​Now that you know the basic guidelines you need to follow to find your ideal art program, I'll give you an overview of the ones I recommend. I've personally used most of these programs and I'll give you pros and cons so that you can decide if they're a good fit for you. You'll also learn of other programs that I haven't used but that have stellar reviews from other artists.

​In this lesson you'll learn why it's essential for a digital artist to have a graphics tablet and why not any tablet will do. You'll learn the benefits of having one but also the risks of not doing so. I'll give you an overview of all the Wacom tablets available and which model would fit your needs better based on your current stage and future goals.

​There's nothing quite like purchasing your first tablet (or the next!). It's an amazing experience and knowing it'll help you improve your skills -- it fills you with determination. But, you'll need to learn how to set it up correctly, how to take care of it so it'll last for years and how to troubleshoot any erros that may happen along the way! Ready? ​

​This may be the most important lesson in the entire course if your goal is to grow your audience and gain more fans for your art. In this lesson you'll learn what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and why it'll be​ your new secret weapon to get more eyes on your art! ​Are you ready to finally get the attention your art deserves? Get your learning on!

DeviantART is still one of the best online art communities to share your art on. It's got a buzzing community with plenty of events happening all around that you can join to meet new people, get your art seen and continue growing as an artist. ​In this lesson you'll learn why you should join deviantART, how to grow your audience here and other opportunities you should make good use of!

ArtStation is one of the best online art communities you can join if you want to be inspired by the works of very talented artists. You're bound to see official art from concept artists working on the film, animation and gaming industries!

Although these are social platforms rather than online art communities, they're fantastic places to share your art and grow your audience. In this lesson you'll learn the best strategies to grow your audience on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr if you decide to join them!

​Ah, Pinterest. This platform has the power to become your new secret weapon to grow the rest of your platforms with ease. Pinterest is a visual search engine, like Google or Youtube but for images. You're about to learn the best strategies to use Pinterest to drive heaps of visitors to your other platforms! Growing never felt so easy!

​Youtube is one of the biggest video search engines on the internet. As such, it's one of the best platforms you can join to share your art! Youtube's buzzing audience is active and if you apply the right strategies you could grow an engaged audience very quickly. In this lesson you'll learn why and how to start ​a Youtube channel for your art!​

​Content is King and this holds true for Youtube as well. Creating content consistently is the key to growing on Youtube. That's why, in this lesson, you'll come up with content ideas and formats for your videos, how to record them and how often you should post for optimal growth.

​Creating a Youtube channel is one thing. Optimizing it to grow your audience and promoting your content are a whole other story. But, I got you covered! In this lesson you'll learn how to optimize your videos for maximum growth and how to maximize that growth to turn it into revenue!

​We're not lone wolves. No matter what we tell ourselves, we thrive in good company! That's why you shouldn't just focus on growing your audience, you should strive to build a community where everyone feels welcome and part of the team. In this lesson you'll learn why you need to build and strengthen your community, how to do it and why there's more to it than meets the eye!​

Having your art stolen online is almost a rite of passage for every artist. The odds are that you'll have your art stolen, copied, and even sold without your permission at some point in your path as an artist. But, in this lesson you'll learn what your rigths are and how to enforce them.

There are 101 ways to react to the news that your art's been stolen but you need only one. In this lesson you'll learn how to react if someone steals your art and, more importantly, how NOT to react to it... Unless you want to ruin your entire reputation as an artist.

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act's got your back, friend. If your art has been stolen and you want to have it removed without ever crossing words with the thief, this is how. By submitting a DMCA takedown notice you'll be able to remove any stolen copy of your art removed from any website and in this lesson you'll learn how to do it!

Do you dream with spending your days creating and living off your art instead of working a soul-sucking day job? This module will show you how to start monetizing your skills and turn your art into a stable career that fulfills you.

Do you know that wealthy people have an average of 7 different income streams? Diversifying their revenue generating sources like this gives them further financial stability. Let's figure out which income streams you can set up and start monetizing right now.

Offering commissions or custom art is one of the most common ways artists can make a living from their art. In this lesson you'll learn how to start offering comissions and give your clients a stellar experience that keeps them coming back for more.

One of the best ways to monetize your art and your existing content without needing to spend any additional time creating more or working with clients! Let's set up a passive income stream through the sale of prints and merch!

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate revenue by promoting the products and services you already use and love. You want to be intentional about it to ensure you drive sales without breaking any laws or the trust of your audience.

Sponsored content is similar to affiliate marketing but there's a closer collaboration between you and the brand. They will provide more direction on how the promotion needs to look like while giving you some room for creativity.

You're an artist, a creator, and you have many resources and downloads you can sell to monetize your skills and resources further! The best part is that it will help your audience immensely and also generate passive income for you!


Need help pricing your art so you can start selling with confidence? This pricing calculator is just what you need! It includes 3 pricing methods and it will show you how much to charge so you can hit your revenue goals without overworking yourself!

Whether you’re already making a living from your art or you plan to start in the near future, you need to track your stats to have a grasp on how you’re doing and how to reach your goals. These tracking sheets will help you know how much you’re making, spending, growing and help you make intentional decisions that help you grow faster.

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I'm Lucía and I help creative people like you embrace your passion for art. I will show you how to build a community to call your own and turn art into a profitable business that allows you to support your family doing what you love.

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