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Choosing Your Tools: The Programs & Tablets That'll Help You Improve Faster





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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Lucia
Choosing Your Tools: The Programs & Tablets That'll Help You Improve Faster

Art Programs

2 Lessons

​You may be tempted to believe that any program will do. That they're all the same and you'll improve no matter what. But, that's not the case. Choosing the wrong art program for your art style and specific needs can slow your improvement down a lot. In this lesson you'll learn what your program of choice should have to help you draw with ease and improve your skills faster.

​Now that you know the basic guidelines you need to follow to find your ideal art program, I'll give you an overview of the ones I recommend. I've personally used most of these programs and I'll give you pros and cons so that you can decide if they're a good fit for you. You'll also learn of other programs that I haven't used but that have stellar reviews from other artists.

Graphics Tablets

2 Lessons

​In this lesson you'll learn why it's essential for a digital artist to have a graphics tablet and why not any tablet will do. You'll learn the benefits of having one but also the risks of not doing so. I'll give you an overview of all the Wacom tablets available and which model would fit your needs better based on your current stage and future goals.

​There's nothing quite like purchasing your first tablet (or the next!). It's an amazing experience and knowing it'll help you improve your skills -- it fills you with determination. But, you'll need to learn how to set it up correctly, how to take care of it so it'll last for years and how to troubleshoot any erros that may happen along the way! Ready? ​

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I'm Lucía and I help creative people like you embrace your passion for art. I will show you how to build a community to call your own and turn art into a profitable business that allows you to support your family doing what you love.

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