Set up a store that wows your customers

Want to make consistent sales on autopilot? Then you need a website that sells your products and leaves your customers coming back for more.

You've got the skills and the products. now what?

You're ready to kick the 'starving artist' mentality to the curb and finally become a thriving artist who loves their job and makes a darn great living at it.

You know you need to have an online store where you can easily sell your art to clients, but your brain shuts off whenever you try to figure out the tech. It's just too complex!

You're in the right place, friend.

Set up your store responsive device showcase


Set Up Your Store

In this online workshop you'll learn step by step how to set up your own store and start selling your art and digital products to your audience. 

By the end of this workshop you'll have a live, fully functional website to host your portfolio and start working with the dreamiest of clients. 

Here's what you won't get if you enroll in SUYS today:

  • A massive headache trying to figure out how to build your store and handle what would forevermore be known as tech-hell.
  • A dozen pieces of advice that are outdated, conflict with each other and leave you wondering what the right steps are.
  • An overcomplicated system that makes assembling furtniture from Ikea look like child's play. 

People need what you're offering. Don't keep them waiting. 

Here's a glimpse of what you'll get inside of Set Up Your Store


No more trying to figure things out on your own or trying to patch a dozen strategies together to see if it works.

In SUYS you'll find an easy-to-follow process to setp up your store, step by step.


You'll also receive additional resources to make sure you can get your store up and running asap without wasting any time. There's no sidetracking here, you'll get the resources you need to start selling in no time.


Why go at it alone when you could do it with a community of artists supporting you and cheering you on? You'll get access to our community of artists so that you can get support, guidance, accountability and even friends :)

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