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This is your secret vault for all things art! Here you will find the knowledge, support and accountability you need to reach your wildest dreams as an artist.

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Thrive as an artist & profit from your skills

Whether you're new to being an artist or you're a professional one, I want to help you reach the next level in your path. You're capable of creating art that can break jaws and move hearts. And you deserve to be recognized and paid for the work you create. I'm here to help you do just that.

Improve your skills

Thriving Artist Vault includes courses, guides and resources to help you improve your skills.

Know your rights

You've learned to draw, now it's time to learn how to defend your creations from those who wish to profit from your hard work and talent.

Command higher rates

Learn the keys to attract high paying clients who won't try to lowball you and will be over the moon to pay what your art is worth.

Become a Thriving Artist

If you're sick and tired of wondering how to get your art noticed, which tools to use, how to get that thief to remove your work from their page, or why you're not getting any commissions, my Thriving Artist Blueprint program is for you.

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What they say

Ashley at Signed With Heart

Ashley clark

ASL Teacher & Youtuber
Signed with Heart

Lucia showed me how to research keywords to come up with titles which helped ranking my videos high on YouTube and Google. She made what seemed so complicated so simple. 

She taught me most of what I know about YouTube. Iā€™m so thankful for her guidance!ā€œ


Puppet Crafter & Youtuber
Tommy's Puppet Lab

She has guided me to monetization and dealing with art struggles through my career. Her advice is spot on and knows what needs to be done to get the best out of my artwork! Her help has been phenomenal and it allows me to keep making a living full time even during the slow months.